The 5% Challenge


Five percent” -- the most common response a pharmaceutical executive provides when asked ‘what percentage of your passive shipments have temperature excursions?’​​

But that’s not the case.


Average passive lanes see a 15-20% excursion rate, with some lanes going as high as 35%+. ​

Pharma executives have no idea what’s causing these excursions, where they’re happening or what can be done to minimize them because logger data is disparate – different loggers require different, expensive middleware to make sense of anything. ​

As a result, the logger data is often thrown away with the data logger, with no centralized platform in place to report on the data at scale and overlay this data with other active lane data, reporting metrics or KPIs.​

Flow chart Temp Excursion blue - Copy.gif

Stop throwing your logger data away…
...It’s trying to tell you something

Let’s face it – managing passive data loggers is time consuming and labor intensive! ​

Constraints include: ​

  • No standard global SOPs means regional variation and inevitably, wasted data​

  • No batch logger PDF data upload​

  • Manual STR / PTR calculations and QMS entry​

  • No scalable insights at scale to understand where losses are prevalent

PARSER tool will allow your teams to:

  • Create & enforce a standard SOP across all regions​​

  • Automate Accept/Reject decisions & STR/PTR calculations​

  • Automate evidence collection for QMS processing​​

  • Expose insights from data & make operational recommendations at scale​

  • Cut out expensive middleware that will charge you to have ownership of your own data – in platform or via API!


The challenge

Pick a high-volume passive lane with less than 10 different product SKUs / product temperature ranges​

Let PAXAFE set up your product configuration profile​

Batch upload at least 1000 PDFs and watch the magic – deep and meaningful insights will appear before your very eyes​

If your organization has less than 5% excursion rate, we’ll offer you 3 months of PARSER for FREE – no strings attached!

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