Real-time visibility across all shipments

PAXAFE brings real-time visibility to the entire supply chain by delivering precise shipment ETAs to shippers, carriers, and end customers



Upstream & downstream SLA enforcement with supply chain partners


Reduce TCO

Cheaper shipping insurance and faster claims payout improves cashflow


Real-time ETA

Dynamic update of the estimated time of arrival (ETA), taking into account traffic, weather, etc


Regulatory compliance

Automated regulatory documentation compliance in accordance with FDA, DSCSA, HACCP, FSMA, etc

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Insurance providers

Real-time risk management platform

Real-time data improves loss ratio, data-driven underwriting models and risk selection. Contextual data with chain-of-custody to prevent excursions and improve supply-chain performance. End-to-end timeline data for faster claims process, and answer who, what, when, how for improved subrogation


Better Underwriting

Additional data you need to serve and price higher risk accounts. Create new and customized product offerings for customers’ unique requirements. Target premium incentives toward the actions that objectively reduce risks. Eliminate fraudulent claims with conclusive data and evidence


Intelligent risk modeling

Data to anticipate risks, spot trends, and optimize underperforming accounts. Contextual data to tailor coverages to each shipment's unique risks. Improve your clients' shipping performance and earn their loyalty


Automate claims and subrogation

Expedite the claims process by getting real-time notification on all excursions. Determine what happened during a shipment and who is responsible. Interactive timeline to streamline communication between all stakeholders



Real-time visibility for carriers

PAXAFE connects the dots from pick-up to delivery. As a carrier, this lets you better manage customer expectations.  Improved visibility to end-customer to accurately plan for incoming shipments 


Increased visibility

No more carriers getting blamed while products are sitting on the receiving dock


Proof of delivery

Automated electronic Proof-of-Delivery (EPOD) means real-time Proof of Delivery


Real-time ETA

Boost OTD KPIs with real-time ETA updates and actual delivery time stamps


Customer satisfaction

Increased customer trust. Share any shipment with your customer with up to date details

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