Enabling intelligent cargo insurance


supply-chain-of-custody ™

Real-time visibility and insights for all your shipments

PAXAFE's platform provides end-to-end visibility with a 'digital footprint' capable of answering who, what, when, where and how for all your shipments. Know the real-time status of your goods transported as LTL, FTL, ocean cargo, air freight or parcel

Predictive risk assessment

Dynamic risk management platform for cargo insurers

Leverage PAXAFE’s IoT sensor data and advanced predictive data analytics and risk modeling to provide better pricing and enhanced coverage for shipments 


Our Adaptive Insurance™ score factors in critical supply chain inputs, combined with complementary 3rd party data like weather and traffic patterns to allow insurers to price their products based on actual shipment risk, rather than customer profile

of 100%
Adaptive Risk Score

Contextual data insight

Configurable notifications on critical events

Delineate between supply-chain data and noise. Our software automatically converts sensor data into contextual insights. Monitor goods in real time and receive immediate alerts if a shipment experiences potentially harmful deviations

Sample alerts

Enabling intelligent cargo insurance

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