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"Elevate Your Strategy with Intelligent Data Interpretation!"

Data is NOT the end state. 
You deserve real value and ROI.

Achieve meaning and actionable insights with ATHENA, PAXAFE's AI Assistant. ATHENA uses large language models trained specifically on cold chain logistics data and PAXAFE's proprietary lane risk and prediction data.

How do you use ATHENA?

Unlike generic AI, ATHENA is trained to answer questions about your specific products, shipments, routes, and lanes. Beyond merely organizing and aggregating data, the AI utilizes PAXAFE's proprietary prediction algorithms and lane risk tools to deliver root cause analysis and recommendations.

For example, you can inquire about crucial variables such as transit times, delays, carrier performance, packaging, and temperature trends. Answers will be derived by correlating data across thousands of variables to pinpoint the trends and actions that yield valuable results.

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