Reduce perishable waste with OTIF prediction

Reacting is expensive, time consuming and labor-intensive. Whether it’s product loss reduction, operational efficiency improvement or customer experience optimization, proactive excursion management reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and diminishes YoY excursion counts.

Device PTA

The proof is in the…algorithm

Domestic, international and intermodal -- Industry-leading 95% device enabled PTA.

Reduce effects of late shipments
Carrier PTA

“I know exactly where your package is” – No carrier, ever

Let’s face it. Carrier networks are complex. And milestone-based tracking is just not cutting it. Get accurate arrival times for USPS, UPS and FedEx shipments without any IoT devices.

Supplement Carrier Milestones

A crystal ball for temperature excursions

Predict temperature excursions hours before they occur with an online-learning model that performs at 90% accuracy and requires no historical data! Configure alerts to solely notify predictions where product stability budget is actually at risk.

Predict your temperature

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