Data rich but insights poor?

AI-enabled intelligence for your visibility control tower

Life-saving medicines, vaccines, cryogenics and medical devices. Pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers, specialty phamas or carriers.

We all bear a responsibility to ensure patients receive their medicines safely and on-time.

So why do the world’s most important products lack the transparency and intelligence of a DoorDash pizza delivery?

Digitize and automate passive data management

paxafe passive

Let’s face it – managing passive data loggers is time consuming, labor intensive and prone to human error!

Constraints include: ​

  • No standard global SOPs means regional variation and inevitably, wasted data​
  • No batch logger PDF data upload​
  • Manual STR / PTR calculations and QMS entry​
  • No scalable insights at scale to understand where losses are prevalent
  • Expensive middleware to 'decode' PDF data
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Drive value from your real-time sensors

Contextualize your risk

Contextualize your risk

Quantify risk by product and lane. Understand network shipping tradeoffs and scenario analysis instantaneously.

Automate manual processes

Automate manual processes

Auto-calculate product stability budget to digitize Accept / Reject decisions ensuring peace of mind that the patient is receiving a high quality product.

Improve customer satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction

Communicate highly accurate (95%+) predicted time of arrivals (PTAs) to your inbound DCs and outbound customers days in advance.

Enforce SLAs

Enforce SLAs

Scorecard your real-time device providers, cold chain providers, carriers and 3PLs to understand their performance by lane, region and product.

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