Get out of the red

Risk has many downstream implications (e.g. insurance premiums, product loss, supplier contracts, carrier and route selections, etc.) – yet it remains a black box that’s unquantified, unspecified and non-actionable.

Quantify your exposure and take precise, recommended steps to reduce risk.

Aggregate Lane Risk Score

Stop reacting. Start avoiding.

Aggregate lane risk uses historical + real-time data to identify risk hot spots by lane, route, leg and shipment. Our quantitative risk index identifies exactly which factors are greatest contributors to the risk score, enabling lane optimization and simulation analysis.

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Live Shipment Risk Score

Leave firefighting to the firefighters

Live shipment risk monitors and quantifies shipment parameters in real-time. Auto-prioritize which excursions actually pose a risk to product based on live risk score.

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Recommendation Engine

Know what to change and when to change it

It’s not enough to understand where your risk lies. Action AI-enabled recommendation with confidence to lower your lane and shipment risk, and improve OTIF performance.


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