Without the dot, it's just a pipe dream

Location and condition monitoring is the crux of real-time visibility programs. And while hardware is commoditized, device performance, price and service are not.

In-Transit Visibility

Real-time product location & condition monitoring

TRAK-X: Small, lightweight and reusable. NIST traceable, Under warranty for 2 years and starts at just $15/month.

TRAK-X1: Enjoy everything you love about our reusable device, but toss it when after the shipment.

On-Premise Visibility

Asset & Inventory Management

The cost of seeking materials onsite and having to conduct laborious inventory cycle counts calls for specialized devices that are optimized towards non-transit use. These devices are large, heavy, clunky and often require special installation.

TRAK-XL: Track slow moving equipment sitting in your yard. Battery lasts up to 7 years. No special installation required.

TRAK-M: Track your onsite trucks, buggies and other vehicles to get up to the second accuracy of your internal logistics flow.


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