What's visibility without CONTXT

Dots on a map aren’t going to auto-diagnose themselves. Clusters of data analysts and scientists, quality and operations personnel are needed to operationalize visibility data. It’s expensive, inaccurate and diminishes program ROI.

Real-Time Device-Agnostic Context

Contextual data breeds accurate models

Whether it’s diagnosing the cause of a temperature excursion, product damage or the delayed arrival of a shipment, CONTXT automates root cause analysis diagnosis by building models that analyze device, third-party and ERP data to provide you with the utmost ground truth.

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Passive Device-Agnostic Data

Stop throwing your logger data away... it’s trying to tell you something

The process for extracting, analyzing and making quality temperature decisions using passive data loggers is manual, laborious and expensive. From manual calculations and QMS entry, to pricey middleware sensor platforms to 'decode' your data, to not having scalable insights -- your passive lanes aren't telling you much about your supply chain.

Digitize and automate bulk data extraction (platform or API), QA decision-making and actionable intelligence without the middleware hassle.

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